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Use Facebook for Business – Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Use Facebook for Business - Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Use Facebook for Business – Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Do you find yourself wondering how you can use Facebook for business?  So many businesses are on Facebook nowadays, whether they are small or large scale and whether they’re selling products or providing services.

Since Facebook is considered to be the largest social networking site, it is used more often than not to connect with as many people as possible to attract more potential clients. But what is the proper way to use Facebook for business? How can you use Facebook to your advantage?


Facebook As A Marketing Tool – State Your Goals

Before you start creating a Facebook fan page, you have to identify the reasons why you are going to use Facebook for business. Your main goals should be to create an on-going relationship with your current clients and to connect and interact with as many new potential customers as possible. You also need to establish your brand so that people are aware your business exists. Furthermore, it is essential that you generate traffic and acquire leads to expand your database.

Facebook As A Marketing Tool – Creating Your Fan Page

Now that you have established your goals for how you’re going to use Facebook for business, it’s time to create your Facebook fan page. Creating a Facebook business page will help you grow your online presence. The first step is to choose a business classification. Then, you have to complete your profile. This is a crucial step because a complete profile equates professionalism.  The next step is to customize the page. You can choose a profile picture, a timeline cover photo and you can create Facebook tabs or apps. You can also set up a welcome page to attract a wide audience to your page.

Facebook As A Marketing Tool – Creating Engagement With Your Posts

After setting up the Facebook fan page, you have to make it engaging for your fans. Try to schedule posts on a regular basis. You can also host contests and give away useful prizes to the winners. Engage in conversation with your fans and ask interesting questions to generate a buzz. If you post on your wall, or leave a comment, make it a habit to answer back as soon as someone replies. Remember that when a fan likes, comments or shares your page, their friends can see that too, thus extending your reach to their network. Always seize any opportunities to interact with this realm of prospects!

Facebook As A Marketing Tool – Reaching Out And Making Posts

When you use Facebook for business, you must invest a lot of time and effort to reach out through as many networks as you can. This will help you grow your database and attract more potential patrons, who will soon hopefully turn into buyers! You have to be patient to generate results. Thus, make sure that you stick around for a while after make a post. If you “post and ditch”, it will ruin any opportunity you have for engaging with your fans and building likeability and trust.

Facebook is the largest social media site available for business users and using it to promote and grow your business is a huge, smart step forward. It is a powerful tool, but you need to learn how to use Facebook for business the right way in order to succeed. If you would like more help on how to set up a Facebook fan page properly, make sure to check out the Facebook Timeline Blueprint. It really helped me out with my business pages.

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