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OnSpot Social Review – What You Need To Know

OnSpot Social Review

OnSpot Social Review

Click Here for OnSpot Social.

This is my OnSpot Social Review. If you would like to visit the official Page of OnSpot Social, please click the link below:

OnSpot Social – Official Site.

Social Media has become a vital part of every business. It is one of the most effective ways to connect and engage with your existing clients and prospects. However, managing social media sites is never easy. Your main goal is to convert your visitors to contacts or leads. But how can you do that successfully with all the fierce competition out there? You need to step things up a bit!

OnSpot Social is an application designed to allow consumers to connect with your business through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or even through email.

So anyway – here’s my OnSpot Social Review.

OnSpot Social Review – What Is it?

OnSpot Social is an iPad app that allows consumers to connect with you and your business through social media sites or email at your physical location with the use of your iPad. The OnSpot Social app has an attractive on-screen display and offers incentives to catch people’s attention and increase the likelihood of them connecting with you. OnSpot Social can be placed in retail stores, restaurants and other public places.

Here’s a summary of what’s inside:

  • How to convert store visitors into social media connections or email contacts.

  • How to increase your Facebook likes, Twitter followers and email contacts.

  • How to reduce the costs and the time being committed to capturing new social media connections and email contacts.

  • How to increase sales through promotional offers.

OnSpot Social Review – What I Liked

What I like about OnSpot Social is that it comfortably (without seeming “pushy”) encourages the customers of any retail store, or other local business that has foot traffic, to become your social media connections and/or get added to your email database marketing list. With this OnSpot Social app, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time you are spending every day working on your social media campaigns to make your online presence felt.

I also like that the customer does not need to download anything before they can start connecting with you on the OnSpot Social app. The connection is facilitated with the use of your own business’s iPad that you display very noticeably at the point of sale.

In addition, I like the interface of the OnSpot Social application. It has a very attractive on-screen display that really helps catch the eye and interest of your customers. Furthermore, the OnSpot Social app also enables you to create different incentives for your patrons to get them to connect with you.

One thing that I also like about OnSpot Social is that it makes use of the iPad to manage all your connections. You also don’t have to invest much money into advertising to promote your Facebook and Twitter pages with the sleek, effective OnSpot Social software tool. Furthermore, it’s incredibly simple to use and saves you a ton of time while it gathers Likes, Followers and email addresses on auto-pilot!

OnSpot Social Review – What I Didn’t Like

What I didn’t liked about OnSpot Social is that you don’t get a volume discount for buying multiple packages if you have more than one retail location in which you want to set up an iPad with the OnSpot Social software. However, it’s very reasonably priced and just one paying customer gained from this dynamic gadget could easily pay for the OnSpot Social yearly subscription many times over.

*****UPDATE***** Sorry folks, but I was wrong about there being no discount for buying multiple packages. Any client who buys multiple subscriptions can contact OnSpot Social for a promotional code to save money on multiple subscription purchases. So now that this has been confirmed, I really can’t think of anything that I do not like about this sound product.

OnSpot Social Review – Overall Thoughts

Social media is indeed a necessity for every business. Therefore, it is important that you know the right strategies to harness it’s power. Increasing your social media connections and email contacts via OnSpot Social will increase your credibility, marketability and even referrals-not to mention, your profits.

OnSpot Social is an app that will definitely help you effortlessly increase your social media connections and email contacts with the use of your business iPad that can be easily set up in retails stores, restaurants and at public events-to mention just a few business types. Overall, I would highly recommend OnSpot Social to all business owners who are serious about increasing their customer base and widening their connections and reach to ultimately boost their profits dramatically.

Click Here For OnSpot Social.

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