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iPad Multitasking

iPad Multitasking

iPad Multitasking

The iPad is a portable device that has many features and functions. You can use it for leisure or for business. All you need to do is to discover what your iPad can do. Here are some of the features of the iPad that are not well-known to everybody:

iPad Multitasking – Emails

Not everyone knows that their iPad can be used to manage and keep track of emails. There are several email apps that can be downloaded to your iPad, like GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Once the app is installed, your iPad will notify you whenever there’s an incoming email.

There is also a feature on your iPad that shows the first two lines of an incoming email, as well as the sender. This will give you a preview of the email so you can check if it’s urgent or not. This feature can be set on the default settings. On the settings, just tap the “mail” tab, then “contacts”. Tap on the “calendar” and now you can set the “preview mail” option.

You also have the ability, if you’d like, to set an alarm notification whenever an email comes in. You can enable the alarm on the settings. Just tap on the “general” tab then select “sounds”. You can now turn on or turn off the alarm notification.

iPad Multitasking – AirPrint

Another amazing feature of the iPad is called “AirPrint”. This feature allows you to print directly from your iPad. However, you need to have a compatible printer for this feature. HP printers are generally compatible with AirPrint. If you own a MAC printer, try to use an app called “Printopia”. Printopia will make it easier for you to use the AirPrint feature. If you want to use this feature, just go to the share menu and tap “print”.

iPad Multitasking – e-Reader

You can also use your iPad as an eBook reader. You can import and display eBooks on your iPad from any source. However, you need to choose sources that provide supported formats. There are also pre-downloaded eBooks on your iPad that you can read.

iPad Multitasking – Photo Booth

Another new feature of the iPad that was adapted from MAC computers is the “Photo Booth”. This is a great feature that can be enjoyed by friends and family. The Photo Booth has several effects. You can use both front and rear camera with this feature.

An iPad is a small, yet powerful device. The key is to know how to use it to it’s full potential. There are a lot of iPad features that need be to learned to get the most out of your iPad.

If you want more tips on how to properly use your iPad, you may want to check out this tablet training video course . It’s an excellent guide for novice and pro iPad users to get the most out of the device.


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