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Increasing Sales with Business Posters

Pulling in Business with Posters

Pulling in Business with Posters

A good poster catches someone’s eye. A great poster gets someone to act.

You can design a poster for just about any occasion, to raise awareness, provide information, or encourage action. But to accomplish your goal, whatever it may be, there are a few basic elements you must incorporate to get an effective final product.

Serves its purpose

Before you set out to design your business posters, ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Are you trying to sell something? Are you trying to promote a concert? Are you trying to increase awareness for a company, brand, or product?

The purpose of your poster needs to be recognized immediately for it to be effective. People will not likely stop to try to figure out what it is you’re trying to say if it’s hidden among an abstract design or hard-to-read text.

Before you add any decorative effects to your poster, create the content in a big, bold, easy-to-read font and layout. The design of your poster is secondary. If your poster looks really cool but nobody understands that you’re offering a promotion on a haircut, you probably won’t get much of a response.


Consider the circumstances of your poster before you design it. If it will be outside for a long period of time, you will want to choose a different material than an indoor poster that will only be hung for a day.

Your poster will be dismissed as outdated and unimportant if it appears ripped or weathered. Plan for any weathering or wear you poster may endure before you order your poster.

You must also consider how you will hang your poster. If it’s going to be outside, where will you hang it? On a wood post, a store window, or its own stand? Will you need staples, tape, glue, or a poster hanger? Each type of hanging mechanism is appropriate for different situations.

Plan ahead to make sure your business posters will hold up in the location you’ve chosen for them.

Have an immediate impact

In addition to all of the above, a poster must be a real attention-getter. Most people won’t take the time to stop and read a lot of information. Your poster must get the message across in a few seconds and in a unique but appealing way.

One way to do this is to offer an exciting promotion that encourages the viewer to act immediately. Since a poster is relatively quick and easy way to create, it is a great way to market big time-sensitive sales or events that will attract a lot of attention. Including a call to action helps to guide the individual’s actions and increase your return on investment.


If you’ve followed all of the above regularly, chances are you’ve had great success with your promotional posters. Keep the ball rolling by regularly making and hanging posters in the same locations. This will create anticipation by those who regularly see them and secure a big response for any promotions or events you’re planning.

Regularly using posters can increase brand recognition, as well. Even though not everyone who sees your poster will act on it, they will probably remember it. Then when someone asks about your company or products, they will refer to what they have learned from your poster and word-of-mouth advertising is working for you. And in today’s world, the weight that word of mouth carries is irreplaceable.

Creating effective business posters is as easy as focusing on content, making a poster that will last and attract attention, and being consistent in your efforts. For your growing business, consider poster printing for your next promotional event.

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