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Increase Facebook Likes

Increase Facebook Likes

Increase Facebook Likes

The main reason why we create a Facebook Page is to increase our fan base and, of course, convert as much of it as possible to customers. However, the competition it so tight that even getting a single Facebook like can seem daunting. Is there a way to increase Facebook likes? Well, here are some simple tips you need to keep in mind when pursuing this:

Increase Facebook Likes – Content

If you want to increase Facebook likes, you need to provide your target audience with useful content. Content is a part of your Facebook profile. Good content will give your target audience a hint of what you can do. It can also encourage your visitors to press that “Like” button. Your content should always solve the problems or needs of your target audience. It will leave your audience hungry for more and will drive them back to your page again and again. Good content will also help you extend your reach into your fans’ networks, so you can increase Facebook likes further still.

Increase Facebook Likes – Engage With Your Fans

Another useful way to increase your Facebook likes is by engaging and interacting with your current fans. You can do this by posting content that is of their interest. Whenever your post receives likes or comments, try to comment back in real time. Always keep in mind that your fans’ activities can be seen on their timeline, which means that their friends also get to see the content you are offering. This is your chance to reach your fans’ network and gather more likes.

Increase Facebook Likes – Facebook Ads

The easiest way to get more Facebook likes is through Facebook Ads. However, Facebook Ads are difficult to manage, so you need to be equipped with the right strategies to be successful. The first thing that you need to consider when running a Facebook Ad is your target audience. Target users with the same interests and demographics. Your goal is to convert Facebook users to fans so you need to identify the group of people who are most likely to be converted.

When running a Facebook Ad, make sure to use different kinds of campaigns. Run them together for at least three days to determine the ads that are performing and those that are not. You can pause non-performing ads and continue running the ads that are giving you results. This trick is to make sure that you are gaining likes on all campaigns that your are running.

If you want more tips on how to increase your Facebook likes, you may want to check out OnSpot Social. It’s a new app that aims to help you gather more fans while they visit your business without you having to invest a lot of time or money.


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