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How to Earn Money Online – Earn Extra Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money Online

How To Earn Money Online

Are you on a quest to find out how to earn money online?  People nowadays spend such a great deal of their time online, that it would be great to take advantage of that opportunity and earn money. There are numerous ways to earn extra money from home, but probably the best way is through Affiliate Marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing, you get to promote other people’s products and get commissions for every visitor or buyer that you bring to your Affiliate Vendor’s website. Once you decide to promote a certain product, you are given an affiliate link. This link is used to track all your referrals so that you get your corresponding commissions. Some of the most popular Affiliate Marketing sites include Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction and eBay Partner Network. These companies offer multitudes of products in various widespread niches that you can choose from.

However, in order to figure out how to earn money online through Affiliate Marketing, you need to know where to start.

Earn Extra Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing – Choose Your Niche

Well, the first step is to choose the right affiliate product for YOU. Make sure you choose products that interest you and that will also solve your target audience’s problems. Select products that are of high quality and have high conversion rates. Some of the most popular niches include E-Business and Marketing, Weight Loss and Health and Fitness, just to name a few. You can use the Google keyword tool (just google it for access!) to search for popular niches.

Earn Extra Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing – Create a Marketing Plan

Once you have chosen a niche you want to be in and a product to promote, it’s then time to formulate your marketing plan.  Here are some incredibly effective methods that will show you how to earn money online:

1. Create a Review Site. You can start by creating a review site that will showcase your honest “feedback” of the product. Tackle the positive and negative aspects of your product so that it doesn’t appear biased. It’s also recommended that you actually use the product first so that you can create an honest review of it. If you don’t have the resources yet, you may check on other review sites and forums to gather information about the product. Route the visitors to your affiliate site after writing your review.

2. Use Social Media Sites to Promote Your Product. Take advantage of the high traffic that can be generated by social media sites. You can create a Facebook Fan Page or you can create a Facebook App on an existing page to showcase the product you are promoting. Make sure to direct them to your affiliate site no matter what platform you use.

3. Build an Email List. Create a “squeeze page” that will capture email addresses of possible buyers. Then, create a series of automatic email autoresponder messages promoting your product. “AWeber” is a very popular, easy to use autoresponder system. Insert your affiliate link on the email autoresponders to direct them to your affiliate website.

4. Feature the Product on Your Blog. If you have a blog, you can feature an article that promotes your product and directs the readers to your affiliate site.

5. Create Videos. You can create videos showcasing your product and upload it on YouTube, or embed it your blog or review site.

6. Join Forums. Join forums that are related to your product niche. Show them how your product can answer their questions or needs. Be sure to join in conversations and help out by answering questions a good while before you promote anything, though.

These are just a few ways of promoting your product to increase your conversion rate. You can mix and match depending on what works for you and your product.

I hope you now have a good insight into Affiliate Marketing and how it works. If you feel that you are equipped enough, you can get the ball rolling and start promoting your affiliate product. However, if you really want to decipher how to earn money online, you may want to take a look at Money Sites Max. It really helped me out. If you would like a little one-on-one coaching, then visit Money Sites Labs. It’s very thorough and helped me even more.

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