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Gain Followers on Twitter

Gain Followers on Twitter

Gain Followers on Twitter

Like other social media sites, Twitter has become a hit in the world of business. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows you to post messages that can be read by a group of people called Followers. As business owners, our main goal is to gather more Followers who will read the content we are posting and will eventually be converted to customers or clients. Here some tips that will help you increase your Twitter followers and reach out to different networks:

Gain Followers on Twitter – Create a Good Profile

Your profile is the first thing that can be seen once people visit your page. Therefore, it is important that your profile is substantial. Unlike Facebook, where you’re given a chance to create a detailed profile, Twitter only allows a small space on your timeline to introduce yourself to your profile visitors. That is the reason why you need to make use of that small space to let people know what you do.

First, you need to pick your profile picture or your icon. Always remember to build your brand. You can either use your company logo or your formal picture; what is important is that people will recognize you. Aside from the profile picture, your timeline should also show your location, your website URL and your bio. Your bio is the section where you let people know what you do. The bio has a maximum of 160 characters, so compose it carefully.

Gain Followers on Twitter – Tweet on Peak Hours

When you tweet, make sure to do it on peak hours. This is to ascertain that your message can be seen by a large audience. According to Twitter, the peak hours are at 9am, 12 noon, 3pm and 6pm. This is an opportune time for you to tweet message that have valuable content. When tweeting, keep in mind that you’re only allowed a maximum of 140 characters. Therefore, carefully compose your messages. You can include URL links and images in your tweets, so you can make use of this if the 140 character limit is not enough.

Gain Followers on Twitter – Link Your Account

To expand your reach, you can link your Twitter account to Facebook. This means that whenever you tweet messages, all your Facebook connections can see them. You can also link it to your LinkedIn profile. This will make your connections aware that you are on Twitter and it may encourage them to give you a “follow”. Seize every opportunity to let everyone know that you’re on Twitter and that you’re providing good content. You can also include a Twitter thumbnail on your blog pages or email signatures that directs to your Twitter page. This is a great way of advertising your Twitter profile so you can gain more followers.

If you want more tips on gaining Twitter followers, you may want to check out  OnSpot Social. It’s an iPad app that encourages the patrons of your business to become your Twitter Followers, and hence get added to your database, at the point of sale.


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