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Facebook Ads Academy Review – Does It Really Work?

Facebook Ads Academy Review

Facebook Ads Academy Review

Click Here For Facebook Ads Academy.

This is our Facebook Ads Academy Review. If you want to visit the official Page of Brian Moran’s Facebook Ads Academy, please click the link below:

Facebook Ads Academy – Official Site.

Facebook Ads are widely used by different business, whether they be small or large in size. The primary goals of running ad campaigns are to reach as large a targeted audience as possible, promote your business page, generate more traffic and increase your fan base.

Facebook Ads have provided a whole new platform for connecting to Facebook users of late. However, many businesses have not experienced much success creating Facebook Ads.

So anyway – here’s my Facebook Ads Academy Review.

Facebook Ads Academy Review – What Is it?

Facebook Ads Academy is a program that teaches how to use Facebook as a marketing platform. It shows you how to create campaigns to promote your business from scratch and it includes 18 core modules of PDF files, videos and easy action steps.

Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

  • How to Setup Your First Facebook Ad
  • The 5 Different Types of Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  • Basic and Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips and Techniques.
  • Case studies, Resources and Tools.
  • A Rolodex of Brian’s Best and Worst Ads for an Educational Reference Point.
  • A Troubleshooting Guide
  • 4 weeks of coaching via live webinars where you can ask Brian any questions that you might have about the course.

Facebook Ads Academy Review – What I Liked

I have used Facebook Ads in the past to promote my business, sparingly. When I started with Facebook Ads, I thought that it was not effective because I found that I was just wasting my money- but it changed when I got a hold of Facebook Ads Academy by Brian Moran.

Facebook Ads Academy is a complete and incredibly detailed resource that teaches you everything you need to know about building a profitable business using Facebook Ads, by funneling targeted Facebook traffic right to your offers in a very strategic manner.

Brian Moran has built a system that’s like a scientific blueprint for creating, running and maintaining Facebook Ad Campaigns to effectively promote your product or your business.

I really liked Facebook Ads Academy because Brian’s system encompasses everything imaginable about creating successful Facebook Ads so that Facebook newbies, as well as experienced Advertisers, can benefit from it tremendously.

You can literally start from putting your business on Facebook on day one and progress to making some serious profits in a matter of weeks, just by following the course, step-by-step.

I really liked how he shows you how to create the perfect ad by asking a question in the headline; getting attention with the type of image you select and making a promise in the ad text body.

By using this formula, I was able to create very effective ads of my own that had a high CTR, or “Click Through Ratio”, and it was because of this high CTR that I ended up paying significantly less than what I had bid on the ad.

He covers that in even more detail in his bidding strategies section, which again was a real money-saver, not to mention his slick budgeting techniques!

One more excellent feature (among so many) that I feel I must point out is the way Brian Moran targets which Facebook users are going to see his ad.

First of all, he shows you how to do keyword research properly inside and outside of Facebook to aid you in your pinpoint prospect targeting plan.

Then he proceeds to methodically show you how to find the people who want and need your product-and who have the money to buy it! This reduces your ad costs dramatically, since the right, hungry audience ends up clicking on your ads instead of general “tire-kicking” types of prospects (who can waste your advertising budget by clicking on your ad).

Facebook Ads Academy Review – What I Didn’t Like

Part of the course make up is that Brian provides 4 weeks of Q&A coaching sessions to provide members with support by answering any questions they might have about the course subject matter.

However, these training sessions have yet to start. I heard that this is on the horizon, and judging from the high quality of the rest of the program’s content, I’m sure that this will happen and that it will be beneficial.

Nonetheless, I was a little disappointed to discover this. On the other hand, I created a couple of support tickets to get answers to some specific, pressing questions that I had and the support team responded within a day and a half, so I was quite content in the end.

Facebook Ads Academy Review – Overall Thoughts

Facebook Ads Academy is a must-have software if you are trying to use Facebook as an advertising platform. You don’t have to worry if you are a beginner because Facebook Ads Academy will teach you everything you need to do from scratch.

If you’re a seasoned Facebook Advertiser, you can still benefit from Facebook Ads Academy because it teaches “ninja” type tricks that will really enhance your promotion.

You most likely will have never thought of using these “outside the box” type of techniques-you’re more than likely to have never even heard of them!

Overall, I would highly recommend Facebook Ads Academy to all businesses who are planning to or are already using Facebook Ads to promote their business. There is simply no other program out there that equates to this well-built, highly educational business resource tool.

Click Here to access the Facebook Ads Academy course.

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