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Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing has been widely used for the last few decades by businesses to promote their product or services. It gives every business an opportunity to grow their prospective client list and hence, their database. How can you effectively use email marketing to grow your business? Here some pointers that will provide you with your email marketing solutions:

Email Marketing Solutions – Seek Permission

The first thing you need to keep in mind before sending out marketing emails is to seek permission. You have to make sure that the email addresses come from valid sources, like opt-ins, or landing pages. Sending unsolicited emails can tag you as a spammer and can even get you banned by some email providers. Don’t rely on the quantity of email addresses in your database: rather, focus on quality and take a more targeted approach. Thus, you should only send emails to potential customers and not just fire them off to everybody and anybody.

Email Marketing Solutions – Create Personalized Emails

Most of the marketing emails that we receive are just the generic “send to all” type of emails that look like spam. As often as possible, try to create emails that look like they have been written personally. Address the receivers with their first name and make it sound like you’re really talking to them. Almost all of the available email marketing solutions services today facilitate tagging. Tagging allows you to personalize your email message by addressing your contacts by their first name. Making your emails look personalized will give your contacts the impression that you are sincere and that you really care about them.

Email Marketing Solutions – Feedback

When sending out email campaigns, it is also important that you solicit feedback from your contacts. Your customers are the most important component of all your campaigns. Therefore, it is vital that you hear their thoughts. Ask them if they find your emails helpful. Perhaps also ask them to fill out a quick online survey for a chance to win something. This practice will give some email marketing solutions through the input received from your prospects and customers.

Email Marketing Solutions – Email Format

There are three types of formats that you can use in your quest for email marketing solutions. They can be created in either text-only, HTML or Text and HTML format. The text-only format only allows you to send emails with text: you cannot insert images or hyperlinks. On the other hand, if you use the HTML format, you can indeed insert images and hyperlinks into the message body. Try to use different formats in your email campaigns, but use the format that is necessary for what you’re trying to accomplish with the email message. In addition, remember to send a test email to yourself so you can check if the hyperlinks are working before distributing your campaign.

Email Marketing is definitely a tried and tested way of building a large list of clients and prospects. Just bear in mind that your goal is not to aggressively sell products or over-promote your business in your campaigns, but to create a solid, long-lasting relationship with your contacts. Once you have established this trusting relationship, you can then embark upon converting those contacts into paying customers.

For more tips on email marketing solutions, you may want to check out OnSpot Social. It’s a new marketing tool designed to encourage your patrons to join your email list while they shop in your place of business.

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