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Advertise on Facebook – Advertising Techniques

Advertise On Facebook - Advertising Techniques

Advertise On Facebook – Advertising Techniques

Small and large scale businesses have started to advertise on Facebook as a major way of promoting their business. Facebook Ads have become a very effective way of business promotion at low cost. However, not everyone has had a lot of success with them. Most Advertisers have reported that they have not been able to achieve their set goals of generating traffic and increasing their fan base via these paid ads. Thus, others are hesitant still to use this advertising platform because they fear they will not get the results they want and that they’ll just waste their money. Well, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when dealing with Facebook Ads.

Advertising Techniques – Identify Your Goals

The first thing is to identify your goals: why do you want to advertise on Facebook? Is it to generate traffic? Get more fans? Or perhaps, just to collect email addresses for your database? Being clear with your goals will help you choose the correct approach.

Advertising Techniques – Identify Your Target Market

Secondly, you must identify your target audience. Make sure that your target audience is relevant to your business. Remember that you are not just out to increase your number of general likes; you need to go after a high number of specially targeted Facebook users that you can convert to fans-and eventually, to paying customers!

Advertising Techniques – Use Attention-Grabbing Images

Third of all, you need to pay close attention to the appearance of your ad. Try to choose images and words that are catchy and that will most likely grab the attention of the Facebook patrons at a single glance. Ask a question in your title to intrigue them and make sure your main body ad text includes a call to action to encourage your targeted audience to click on your ad.

Advertising Techniques – “Split Test” Your Ads

One of the most important steps when planning to advertise on Facebook is to do a split test of the ad. In split testing, you are creating different formats for the same ad. You can use different images, vary the titles and change up the main body ad text, for example. Then let the ads run and watch for the ad with the best performance. Test the performance of the ad at different times of the day as well. Once you have determined the ads that are working best, you can pause the other ads for the same campaign that are not performing as well. Remember that split testing takes time, so you need to be patient. This is a great way of determining which ads are best for your campaign or promotion.

Advertising Techniques – Bid By The Rules

When you advertise on Facebook, you bid for the cost of your ad. The ad is subject to approval by Facebook to make sure that you are abiding by their rules, so there are instances in which the turnaround time of the ad approval is quite long.

Advertising Techniques – How To Bid On Your Ad

If you are in a hurry to get your ad up and running, a good tip is to bid higher than the amount Facebook suggests. Facebook uses a system that prioritizes high bidders. A high bid means that you are willing to spend good money for your ad-but this is just a bid, remember: it’s not the final cost of the Ad! Facebook will decide how much is the justifiable cost and more often than not, your cost ends up being substantially less than the amount you bid.

The above tips should be kept in mind, particularly by new Advertisers who are still unclear of the proper steps to take, if you want to have a successful Facebook Ad Campaign. If you would like a more detailed guide on how to advertise on Facebook, you may want to check out Sell More With Facebook Ads in 30 Days. It’s a unique, complete system and it helped me figure out how to successfully advertise on Facebook.

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